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How To Choose A New Roof – Pt 1

Money is tight and the real estate market is still in a slump, that’s why lots of American’s are staying in their homes longer than they ever thought they would. So a home is an important investment. One essential factor that determines your home’s value is the roof, it protects your family and belongings from the elements and it contributes to your home’s curb appeal but your roof needs TLC from time to time and if you don’t do repairs right it can cost you dearly.

For the last five years or so I’ve been working with GAF which is North America’s largest roofing manufacture to help educate homeowners about how to make the best roofing decision.

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I have heard a lot of  horror stories about bad move in jobs over the years, so how can we avoid things like that?  There are a lot a nightmare stories out there and the thing is most to these problems could have been avoided. I interviewed the Basically people need to think of four key things when they’re buying a new roof:

  • first picture the right shingle, one that’s going to protect & increase the resale value of the home
  • make sure the contractor installs a complete roofing system
  • choose the right warranty to protect your investment
  • and finally and boy this is probably the most important thing choose the right contractor you can do everything else right but if you choose the wrong contractor you could have a real disaster

We’ll start with the shingles and there are three types:

  • three tab singles like the Royal Sovereign. These have been around the longest – maybe a very basic look and if you’re on a budget these are the way to go.
  • Then there are architectural shingles like the Timberline shingle with an enhanced appearance –  what you see on a lot of poeples’ homes, it’s by far the most popular brand.
  • And finally the lifetime designer shingles like the Camelot, really dresses up a home in adds to its curb appeal.

You know real estate professionals know that your roof typically represents up to 40 percent or even more of the curb appeal of your home. Lifetime designer shingles are for people who want to invest most in their homes beauty and curb appeal. They come in a variety of styles and colors to suit just about any taste. They standout, plus they come with a lifetime limited warranty.

A new roof is more than just nailing on the shingles it’s actually a system of components that work together to protect your home. In part 2 we will look at those important components.